Small Hours E​.​P.

by Battery Operated

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released February 15, 2010




Battery Operated New Brunswick, New Jersey

3 Piece Band local to New Jersey!

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Track Name: Tripod Theory
I lost a night today wondering wheres the sheep
these useless thoughts in mind warding off my sleep
the peer is crashing down pressure all around
everyones lifting off im still on the ground

My thoughts will take me to the place I call unknown
I didn't want this cause now I feel like I'm alone
Light up my life till the fuse in my mind is blown
where ever I am thats the place I'll call my home

There are just some things you're to ignorant to see
cause there's this horse you beat I feel like it is me
they will come to me right at mid-day
but when i need them most they will run away
Track Name: I Feel Funny
This house this dead end street
That girl I'd like to meet
dumb stares and stupid glares
who cares? I wasn't there

She's just staring at me
I feel Funny

Bad luck and pretty woes
I only seem to hit the lows
It's all about what I haven't lost
this burden like a cross

She's Just staring at me
I feel funny
Track Name: Party Song
Its 4am and I've been passed out for two hours
I'm on your living room floor theres sharpie on my face
My clothes are off I dance like a beast I've been told
Shaking off the buzz theres nothing better than this

Where was I last night where you
I am right here

Infectious glare I was standing right here but
I won't do this again cause you never quite realize
why they treat you like shit
I'll show you a good time If you let me

Its 6am and I've been awake for two hours
I'm walking home cause someone has my keys
I threw up at least 5 times my mouth tastes like shit
I absolutely hate myself for this
Track Name: Staring At You
Look at you staring back at me are we both to blind to see
Whats in the past and whats supposed to last
nevermind it goes too fast and was it what I never did for you
Is that why you still stare trough

And is this how it ends cause I still wanna mend all the stupid things I said
And will you still stare through even if I promise too dedicate my life to you

Look at me staring at you what a mess we fell into
cause every night I lie awake and dream
but I don't know what I means and if I say i'll never go a stray
would you come and stay some day